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Thu, Dec. 4th, 2008, 10:37 pm

Hey everyone... I'm a prospective student at Simmons GSLIS. I'm a senior at Pace University in NYC, graduating in a couple weeks. Anyway, I'm applying for this coming fall and I was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on when to expect any word from Simmons. I put my application in the mail right before Thanksgiving and I'm just wondering if they will send me anything letting me know they got my app or if I'll just be getting a yes or no in a bit (and exactly how long that'll take...)

Also, if anyone has any thoughts on the library science program in general, I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for your time and good luck on finals :)

Fri, Dec. 5th, 2008 07:50 am (UTC)

I think they'll send a confirmation letter once they have all your materials. I recall them getting in touch with me when my adviser failed to mail her recommendation. Give it a month or two for your acceptance letter. Maybe sooner since you were so early about applying. They accept almost everyone. This fall's "freshmen" class numbered around 200 or so. A new record I believe. It's murder on the library-job market though.

It's a great program if you can stomach the intro courses and really, really want to be a librarian. Half the people I've met changed their concentration after the first semester. Full time, three classes a week, only takes nine hours and the work load is light; occasionally frustrating, unless you enter the History program as well. Great internship opportunities are everywhere.

What else? Don't take reference with Rodriguez-Mori (eighth grade level homework assignments), cataloging with Peek (literally everyone will warn you against her, including the other professors) or anything with Whorely (doesn't teach).

If you need housing apply asap. Living anywhere in town is ridiculously expensive and the school's grad housing is extremely limited.

GSLIS is pronounced gissliss (hard g). All of your classes will take place in about five rooms. During the day the library is packed with the undergrad girls. I've never seen such a small library so full. It can be distracting sometimes, but GSLIS has its own work spaces.

The students fall into one of three camps: second career folk/proper adults, social retards, and new wave librarians fresh out of college. There's this whole Venn diagram...but it's easy to sort out who is who. Nice people all though.

Now. Unsolicited bits about Boston.

The T! Trains stop running at midnight, unless it's game night. Plan accordingly. Don't take the C or D lines unless you live along them. Walk if you must. They have a tendency to crash. Everything interesting is on the B and E lines anyway. Jaywalk as you please, but look both ways, particularly when crossing the train tracks. Students keep getting run over. Really. Drunk conductors and dumb-ass kids with ipods. Only old ladies hail cabs. Ambulances buzz around Simmons like it's World War One and cummings or Hemingway is behind the wheel. If you get lost look for the Citgo sign or the Pru. Not much else in the sky here.

Roxbury is the ghetto. Jamaica Plain is where the activists go to act locally, think globally etc. Allston/Brighton is student town. Note the beer cans. Everything north of the river either belongs to Harvard, MIT, or isn't worth visiting. Everything ne/e of Newbury St. is for tourists or the professionals who commute in. Fenway/Back Bay/Longwood houses all the small schools (and unfortunately, Northeastern). It's easily the most interesting end of town collectively, for its mix of weird art students, librarians, med students, etc. Near Simmons is Brookline. It's equal parts 50's, suburban, Americana and hipster village, complete with bustling main street shopping. It also has the best bookstore and sex shop in the area; the Booksmith and Goodvibes respectively.

Great food is everywhere. It doesn't really snow until mid January. Feel free to start trouble with the Sox fans. They're in the way six months of the year and most of them seem proud that they drop 80% of their R's. Never get attached to anyone from Berklee. They only stay in town for one semester. And if you ever run into Jimmy Black, kid with a spider tattoo on his shoulder, punch him in the face for me. He stole my bike.

Oh. Also. You may want to join the "b0st0n" community.

Fri, Dec. 5th, 2008 03:15 pm (UTC)

Depends on what part of Roxbury you live in. If you live on side of Columbus Road that's near Huntington Ave., that's all students. If you live on the side near Dorchester (the iffy part), that's where some of the crime happens. Roxbury has gotten a lot better over the years.

Fri, Dec. 5th, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC)

Hey, thanks so much! That was really helpful. Thanks for being so honest about everything. I know pretty much all there is to know about NYC but absolutely jack about Boston, so that was really helpful. I'll have to check out the b0st0n community. Thanks again!